Restaurant Instructions


Middlebury “restaurant tour” promotion Oct 11-25

NO COST to participating restaurants.

You need to: offer a “special” of some sort. The special does not need to be a discount or two-for-one or anything like that. Just a “special” whatever you want, such as a prix fixe dinner or a specially named menu item or anything else you want to offer. Your call.

We will: promote the “restaurant tour” with signs, flyers, newspaper press releases, website, Facebook, and a social media blitz.

Our Websites:


Local website:

Statewide website:

You must supply:
— A square promotional good resolution image or logo for the gallery of thumbnails.
(if you are happy with the current thumbnail, great!)
— A description of your “special” menu offering
— A link to your website
— (optional) A link to your special menu offering on your website

Example: Click on “Meet Me Here” or “Middlebury’s Best Yogurt” for an example of how we will do it.

We will link our website to your website and our Facebook to your Facebook, and do a promotional push on Facebook and a media blitz on a dozen Facebook groups and websites..

Technical Help
Don’t worry if you don’t have technical skills. We can resize and adjust your photos and images so they look good. We can even take a photo if need be. See below.

For questions or further information about this promotion please contact
Terry McAuliffe 203-770-9744 (cell)